• Our mission is to protect businesses and business owners.

• We have offices in Dallas and New York (meetings with lawyers will be by appointment only).

• R. Shawn McBride is an authority and frequent speaker on legal topics.

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Welcome to The R. Shawn McBride Law Office, P.L.L.C. We are a boutique law firm with offices in Dallas and New York (meetings with lawyers will be by appointment only). Our mission is to protect businesses and business owners. We are selective with the clients with whom we engage.

Often when clients come to us they are concerned about an upcoming legal challenge. Or secretly overwhelmed about the financial future of their company.  Or frustrated that their current lawyer is not responding to their needs.

It is not unusual for our Firm to be called for a second opinion when the advice of current counsel just doesn’t “feel right.” Or when a client has an important matter they need done correctly. Or it is a sensitive matter that the client wants handled quietly and appropriately.

We are often called upon to serve as outside general counsel, as sell-side or buy-side counsel in a merger (M&A or Mergers and Acquisitions) transactions, as corporate counsel, or as company counsel. We also have experience in helping companies with private placements and capital raise transactions.

One of our more frequent engagements is to serve as counsel to one of the owners in a multi-owner company (i.e., business partnerships or business marriages).  We have developed specific knowledge which has been helpful in those situations and that guides us through those negotiations. We are also often called upon when partners encounter difficulties in their partnership arrangements.

We understand the importance of planning business partnerships: key terms to be added to buy-sell agreements; different possible management structures of companies; ways to help align the needs of owners for business success and to attempt to avoid issues during the life of the company and other issues.

We welcome you to take a look around our website.  You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter, blog or add us to your social media. Or join us at a future event, or come see R. Shawn McBride or another Firm member speak.

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